Student Tracking Sheet for SBG Learning Targets

Here is the checklist I created for students to keep track of their learning targets:

Learning target checklist

While I created it in Pages, the idea was stolen from Dan Meyer and others.  The circles are for “stop-lighting” their progress on the learning targets.

  • Bottom Circle — Red — Need major work to show proficiency
  • Middle Circle — Yellow — Need minor work to show proficiency
  • Greed Circle — Green — You got it!
  • Square — Stamp or sticker — This is to track mastery after they have repeatedly showed proficiency on the learning target

Of course, on the learning target quiz, I assign a color and give feedback for each learning target.  I would love to know what you think about this approach.


8 Responses to Student Tracking Sheet for SBG Learning Targets

  1. Leif Segen says:

    I like this. I presume you are using something like a 1-4 / 0-3 scale when you record this?

    It’s my first year trying SBG. I already have three versions going for each of my Earth science, physics and conceptual-phys/chem classes. All are using BlueHarvest as a feedback medium. Earth sci is presently parrot-back = proficiency. Physics is prove-it-to-me = proficiency. The students in the conceptual class aren’t buying in yet, so now I’m considering using a points based system for them. Maybe your tangible visualization will help them. Are you willing to share the Pages file?

  2. We have a tracking sheet that we created for each trimester. We list out each of the standards we will teach and then have boxes for the students to fill in with their SBG score from our formative assessments (learning checks, quiz) and summative assessments (Test, final). It also gives them a status bar that they can shade in with their own self assessment of their comfort level with that standard.

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  4. Leif Segen says:

    Do know if students can find it demoralizing to get a lot of reds? How do you frame it all encouragingly?

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