I Heart SBG

I didn’t start this page (Chris Robinson did), but it would appear that I’m the first contributor. I believe the purpose of this site is for math teachers (and possibly others) to share their experiences with SBG and possibly critique each others’ efforts. As I love pointing out what’s wrong with something (according to my wife), I couldn’t resist joining. I also just started SBG this year and I’m feeling like a bit of a noob. I need my wonderful colleagues to provide some constructive criticism as well.

Eventually I will get into the nuts and bolts of how I’m doing SBG. I’ve been helped my many including Shawn Cornally, Fawn Nguyen, Andrew Stadel, and Dan Meyer. Although it’s early in the school year, I’m already in love with it. I’ve gone from mostly summative assessment to mostly formative assessment. Every assessment is an opportunity to fix things. I’m not freaking out any more when somebody fails miserably. I can help them out and give them another try. The students aren’t asking me what their letter grade is, but reading all of the feedback so they know what mistakes they’ve made. How could you not love SBG?

Going back to traditional grading would be painful.

Nathan Kraft


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